Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Who Calls Me Beautiful

~~ Proverbs 14:12 (NASB)~~   There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

I was thinking about all the wonderful ways that God sends messages to us; the wonderment of His ways to teach us things.  The Bible (His Word) is always the foundation.  However, God can use anything to teach us what He wants us to know; nature, TV, books, music (of any genre), other people, animals, accidents, humor, pain, sorrow, tragedy; and the list goes on.  He can use anything to bring you closer to Him; even the stuff that the enemy is to blame for causing!  God will use whatever method He knows will speak to you the most.  It’s much the same idea that He will speak to you in your language; and every one of us speaks a unique language.  How He talks to you is not the same as He talks to me, or the guy next door. 

For me, He has very often uses things that I read to teach me things.  It’s not the only tool He uses, though; to get through my thick scull when I’m being stubborn or heedless and He’s trying to get my attention.  Nevertheless one of my favorite ways is through reading.  I read a lot, but I think most writers read a lot.  Granted I wasn’t always a reader; but that’s a whole other story.  Every day I spend at least 30 minutes reading from a book; a book that is helpful to me in some way.  I read daily devotional messages both in my prayer and quiet time with Him; and online.  I subscribe to a number of Christian blogs and article subscriptions.  God always seems to make sure that I see things that I need to hear for the current challenge in my life. 

Like many people, women in particular; self esteem is a problem.  It certainly was for me for many years; and even now when the enemy starts to get to me in my weak moments.  There’s a long history for me about this, and how I came to have low self esteem.  For a long time, I truly believed that I was not a beautiful person; inside or outside.  One day during a particularly upsetting time in my life; I was going through my bookshelf for the next book I wanted to read.  I have lots that I haven’t read before.  I seem to bring home new ones at a faster rate than I actually read them.  I found one that moved me so much that I just needed to share it with you.

The title is:       Who Calls Me Beautiful?

Author:             Regina Franklin

                        My Review:       Every woman... No.  Wait... make that, every female, no matter what her age, should read this book.  It describes what I have wanted and been hoping for from God, and never realized it.  This is the kind of person that I hope to become one day.  If the younger generation; our girls of today, the women of the future; would read this book and strive to become beautiful according to God's definition of 'beauty'; the world would be changed.  I can see more clearly how God is working in my life.  More and more I want God to change me to be like this... beautiful, according to His definition of the word.   At the end of each chapter are practical questions to answer to help you do a more in-depth study, and to help you understand and put it to practice in your own life.  This would be a wonderful book for a ladies group bible study.
Read my blog “The Reflection in the Mirror” for my story of self image struggles.  You are beautiful.  The God who created the universe says so! 

~~ Dear God ~~    Thank You for calling me beautiful.  Thank You for all the lessons You teach me in the methods You use.  Your ways are always better than my ways.  Help me to stop being so stubborn and strong willed.  Make my heart willing to be willing to change into Your definition of beautiful.  I am proud and honored to be Your Child; and heir with Christ.  Please let the beauty of this fact show from within me so that others can see the beauty of Jesus as well.  In His name, AMEN.