Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Marketing Your Book on Amazon

Marketing Your Book on Amazon

Shelley Hitz

Shelley Hitz, 2012

My Review

I’m writing my first three books and I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the publishing process that I’m about to face.  Shelley Hitz’s book ‘MarketingYour Book on Amazon’ has taken away a great deal of that weight off my shoulders.  The whole course of action is no longer like looking an angry bear in the face.  This book is easy to understand for those who are not computer savvy.  My kindle copy comes complete with links, screen shots, and a video tutorial.  It’s everything you need to make your marketing plan on Amazon a success.  As a newbie to this industry I am so thankful to be learning this information early on in my career.  Shelley has been a blessing to me.  Now I feel like I’m facing a friendly dog.  It’s much less scary.  
My Over-all Rating

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  1. So glad you have found my book helpful Carley! Thank you for sharing :)