Thursday, June 9, 2016

Awesome Apps: aCalendar

by Carley CooperScreenshot_20160609-195411

I’m starting a series about my favorite Android Apps because I’ve found so many that have become so helpful and useful to me that I want tell everyone about them. 

First, is one called aCalendar.  Here’s a list of my favorite features:

  • it has an agenda view and a widget, so it’s available at my finger tips all the time
  • it has views for monthly, weekly, daily, and yearly
  • it syncs with Google Calendar.  My calendar on all my phone and my computer are in sync and kept up to date all the time.
  • I can set it to sync with more than one Google Calendar.  For example, some of mine are: my personal calendar, anniversaries & birthdays, holidays, doctor’s appointments, Facebook events, church events, writing schedules, business appointments, etc.
  • You can just tap the event title on your calendar to see the event details, including maps if you are travelling to your event
  • it has reminder options, something I’ve found is not always available with convenient options in other calendar apps
  • it has great options for planning reoccurring events, another feature I’ve found hard to find in other calendar apps
  • it has 48 colours per calendar.  It has a couple of different options for app theme colors, and you can set events to have their own colours.  For example, doctors appointments are yellow, church commitments are purple, holidays are green, anniversaries & birthdays are blue, etc.
  • it has flexible reoccurrence options
  • it has options to connect with your contacts and have their birthdays show up on your calendar
  • it has a moon phases option
  • it has options for QR & NFC barcode sharing of events
  • it’s available in 30 languages
  • advertising is just an occasional occurrence, not an all the time thing

These features are all wonderful, and that’s just the free version.  The paid version has a few extra features but I found that for the average user they’re of no need, or there’s a way to get around them. 

Overall, I give this app 5 stars.  Click here to go to the Google Play Store and download it yourself. 

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