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BOOK REVIEW and AUTHOR INTERVIEW: From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

Francine Gilchrist

Word Alive Press, 2010; 110 pages

My Review 

by Carley Cooper

How many people have you met in your life that you can say their lives truly could be; or should be, a movie?  Francine is one of those people.  The further I read into her story in From Darkness to Light, the more my mouth dropped open in shock.  I found myself shaking my head in disbelief and even, at times, crying over what she had suffered. 

Francine comes from a very large family in a small town in Quebec.  She found herself on the streets at a young age after having been through some terrible childhood traumas.  From there she would experience a string of bad relationships; and be taken to various parts of the country as drugs, alcohol and crime took over her life.  However, that wasn’t the worst.  She would also end up in and out of jail.  Not to mention, having to live through a horror that most of us could not imagine, let alone survive.  Life made her very hard and bitter. 

What she didn’t know though, was that God was taking care of her.  He brought a couple of people n into Francine’s life who would show her a kind of love that she never knew existed before.  It was a love that led her to a whole new world where she would have an important impact on many lives. 

Pick up Francine’s book, From Darkness to Light and see for yourself the whole story of just what she endured.  Her life provides the rest of us with a great example of how much Light that God can shine into one life when things look their darkest.  Because of her courage, alone, to step out and share this story, I give her 5 stars.

My Over-all Rating

Author Interview

Author, Francine Gilchrist
WM:  In the publishing world, you are still considered a new author.  Tell the world a little about yourself.
FG:  I am French, and was involved in underworld; crime, drugs , alcohol. jail.

WM:  Tell me about your book, From Darkness to Light, and what inspired you to write it?
FG:  From my past, one day someone said to me "Why don't you write your story?".  Then I started writing, after some praying and asking God if it was ok with Him.

WM:  What is your favorite part of From Darkness to Light?
FG:  When I accepted Jesus in my life.

WM:  What was the hardest part to write in From Darkness to Light?
 FG:  When I wrote about the beating and gang rape

WM:  Is there anything that you wish was different about the book? 
FG:  Maybe more story about 20 years later.

WM:  What’s the best thing about being an author?
FG:  That you can influence someone life to change, because you doing the real message.

WM:  What advice would you give aspiring writers?
FG:  If God put on your heart to share, go for it.

WM:  How did you come up with the title, From Darkness to Light?
FG:  I been speaking since I got saved 35 years ago.  So I had a brochure made to introduce myself, and truly I was in the dark before I meet Jesus.
WM:  What is the main message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
FG:  That we are to forgive the one that hurts us, so God can used you for His Glory

WM:  What book(s) are you reading now?
FG:  I read Christian Romance, Biography of peoples that served God. Beverley Lewis and Francine Rivers are my favorite authors.

WM:  Do you have any plans for future projects?
FG:  At the moment I am translating my story in French, and it will also be released in Spanish.  I am hoping to find a producer to do a movie on my life story.  My next book will be called Real People Real Stories, that's next year.

WM:  Who do you feel supported you the most, outside of family members?  
FG:  Different individuals, Christians, and street people.

WM:  Who designed the cover?
FG:  Word Alive Press in Winnipeg

WM:  Did you learn anything from writing your book, or about the writing or publishing processes, and what was it?
FG:  First, that it takes a lot of courage to reveal your past history; especially the hurt and pain.  Next, is that you need help from your publisher, who should never let you down.  I had great support from a lady name Jen from Word Alive Press.

About Francine Gilchrist

Book Synopsis:  
Francine Gilchrist was born into a family of thirteen children in Mont-Jolie, Quebec.  At far too young an age, she found herself living alone on the streets-a life that would lead her to be raped, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and involved in crime.  Hardened and bitter Francine thought there was nothing more to life.  Until a dear woman cared enough to take her in, give her a chance, and help her to turn everything around.  These days Francine's life and ministry are dedicated to helping others find a second chance.

Her life currently:  
Author, Francine Gilchrist &
husband, Pastor Bill Gilchrist
Francine and her husband, Bill, reside in Barrie, Ontario.  Since 1991, they have pastored and operated the Upper Room Outreach Ministry, as well as serving numerous ministry-related service agencies throughout the area.

Francine also conducts weekly Bible Studies, and is involved extensively in street ministry and one-on-one evangelism, both individually and as Chaplain of ‘The David Busby Street Centre’ in downtown Barrie.  Francine has hosted the annual ‘Upper Room Outreach Ministries’ Ladies Retreat in Central Ontario since 1997, which has grown each year since its inception.

To this day, she and Bill remain active in the ministry of the Salvation Army in Barrie.  Her bubbly and loving personality, along with her sensitivity to both God and the needs of others, have made her very effective in sharing Christ’s love to those she comes in contact with, and has allowed her to become a popular speaker wherever she ministers. 

Connect with Francine if you are in the Barrie area and:
  • are in need of help
  • are in need of counseling
  • you would like to attend a weekly bible study group
  • would like to attend the Upper Room Annual Fall Weekend Women's Retreat,  and / or
  • need a guest speaker at a Christian function. 

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